Top 5 Documentaries

  1. Undefeated- undefeated was  one of the best. For the reason that it shows a team rise out of the dirt from a coach that is so determined to give the school a name rather than being a bad school

2. into the abyss- into the abyss was about talking to inmates that commited murders to see what they were thinking when it happened to try to get and understanding of mentally unstable people.

3. black fish- blackfish is about how orca’s are starting to get really aggressive and they are thinking its because of the way they are held in captivity

4. super high me- super high me is about the study of marijuana and the true effects it has on your brain and how it changes how you think.

5. Rich hill-  rich hill is about Boys that have their own little problems that they have to deal with and it shows their everyday life’s as they deal with those problems.

My family

in my family, I have two sisters and one brother i am the youngest and we all get along well. My brother and i normally play basketball or football and my sisters sometimes tag along. My family is very active and is always doing something. My brother and i eat healthy and don’t eat that much sweets. My dad loves cars and has taught us all about cars and its really helpful if something happens to your car. my mom is really good with math and she tough us how to be smart with our money and always helps us with anything. My family is fluent in Spanish besides me and the youngest sister we know enough Spanish to get by.

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Senior Presentations

The presentations all together were very interesting they all were so different and it was great to see the different things that interested them.

  1. Danyale White – Child Abuse Awareness
  2. Payton Schudieri – Scientology As A Cult
  3. Emily Czyz – Conspiracy Theories on Area 51
  4. T Cook – What Are Millennials?

These four students did very well on there presentations. its hard to go up on stage a present to a bunch of people. they all had great posture and had there own way of presenting their presentations. Danyale White did a great job with her presentation she gave good information regarding child abuse. she was a little nervous but overall killed her presentation. Payton Schudieri also did a great job because she gave us a little known topic and delivered the facts to us in a way that we understood the weird issue of Scientology.  Emily Czyz’s presentation was very interesting and i give her props for arguing a conspiracy which isn’t easy because you have  to research a lot just to try and get your point across. T Cook did a great job explaining millennials she had great examples how our generation has been influenced by technology and how our generation differs from the rest because of the technology.

Mesa Verde National Park

Mesa Verde is a vast national park that has ancient ruins of the pueblos. Currently the ruins are closed because of falling rocks they will be opened when they fix the problem. there are multiple things to do at this national park all year around from visiting the ruins when open in  the summer and fall, Cross-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing are open in the winter and spring. there are multiple trails available to trek on there is the Prater Ridge Trail, Knife Edge Trail and Point Lookout Trail. This national park is so old it has been around since, June 29, 1906. the Pueblos have lived there for 700 years in the span of a generation or two, but they left their homes and moved away.  Mesa Verde has over 4,700 archaeological sites with many more yet to be discovered. When you go there You may also see women grinding corn, old men sitting in the sun and telling stories, hunters off on a hunting expedition, children scampering about, and domesticated dogs and turkeys roaming the courtyards. Image result for mesa verde

Super Bowl Commercials

My first commercial would be the halftime bathroom break. the purpose of the commercial is to make people buy febreze for the purpose of the bathroom breaks. the strategy might work because it combines humor with facts that pulls you in to make you want to buy the product. when i first saw this commercial i was amused by the things they did in the video. this video has truth in it because since people normally eat junk food on the Superbowl bathroom breaks sometimes come very frequently.

My second commercial is Mr. clean. this commercial is funny and it shows a woman watching Mr. clean in awe as he cleans the house. this video makes you want to buy the product because in the end result the house is super clean in hopes to get your house the same way. i was amused by this commercial because you could notice her attraction to Mr. clean because of how clean he makes her house. by the end of the the commercial it shows a normal man who actually was cleaning. the woman then tackles him onto the couch.

My Third commercial is the super bowl baby. this commercial shows a lot of the super bowl legends babies dressed at their father. this commercial is mostly for entertainment and it makes you laugh at the sight of the cute babies. this commercial amused me because of all the babies dressed as a super bowl legend. it was a very cool because the babies looked just like them.

Play Doh Creation

i made a play doh football and letters saying west because i enjoy playing football at west. football is my favorite sport and it always will be. i could not think of anything else to do so i just made this. the reason i like football is i get to be very physical and its a great way to forget about anything outside of it. football teaches you a lot about life by teaching you that you always have to fight for what you want. sometimes you win and sometimes you lose but as long as you keep your head up high you will be able to continue. football keeps me in shape and it motivates me to do my best in anything. i have met a lot of my friends from football and i hope to make more in the future because of it. football is a great think to try to use to get into a college because if you could balance your grades and still do well in football then you should hopefully get some schools heads turning. football can be hard sometimes but that is what makes it so fun. football also teaches you how to cooperate with others and work as one. in football there is just not one good player because if the team doesn’t do well that person wont either. when you play football you become a family because you start to build a bond that you will keep to help them on the field.

Social issues of 2017

Should women participating in abortion?

Abortion is a big conflict in america and majority are pro choice 62% rather than pro life 38%. if you don’t know what those mean pro life is allowed for incest, rape or danger of mother or child. pro choice is providing birth control and sex education to limit abortions and or abortion before 3 months.  i feel like i would promote pro choice just because to prevent being pregnant take up birth control and sex ed. but if you do get pregnant and decide of getting rid of it do it very early because it is not right if you wait until the very end of your trimesters to finally plan on getting an abortion. i also agree if it was rape and incest but as long as it is early.  i feel abortion should be the very last option because there is multiple ways to prevent from having a baby from birth control and not have sex. if you are going to have sex make sure you protect yourself because if you know that you wont be able to take care of the baby or if you simply don’t want a baby make sure you do thing to prevent it.

Word Cloud

The reason i chose this picture because i love football and sports and football has taught me to be the person i am to this day. all of the words that are on he describe me perfectly i said that i am happy, considerate, nice, hardworking, thoughtful, athletic, cool etc.


To me thanks giving is about spending time with friends and family and having everyone that comes bring some food so the variety is massive. my favorite part about it is eating, i love food because you can really tell the time and effort someone has put into their food and it is great. i love being able to spend time with friends and family and play games and just hang out before and after eating and when the day is done you so much left overs you can relive the moment all over again. its also great to participate at homeless shelters and soup kitchens to give to the less fortunate and let them me thankful about it. thanksgiving is seen as one of the lesser holidays but in my eyes it a day just to have fun and to share food with everyone. thank you and have a great thanksgiving.

Health and Medicine Panel

The health panel was a good experience because it allowed us to ask questions with 4 different experts in their field. they all had really funny stories that help relate to each question. they talked a lot about the schooling which was the biggest thing i wanted to learn about. i want to be a cardiologist so my schooling would be closest to the physicians and my job would be similar but i would be focusing more on your heart rather than just in general. i would hope to have more panels because it allows me to ask any questions i need.

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